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Native Rosie 2000 model...the start of it all!

Rosie is the reason I'm where I'm at today. She was my first haflinger, and my first horse I trained from scratch to ride, drive and do tricks! She's an incredible riding and driving mare as well as a great broodmare! She gave me several amazing foals, including the famous Lady Nadira whom has a large following on facebook!

She's a spicy 13hh senior mare now who doesn't slow down! We competed in the 2009 and 2010 Extreme cowboy races hosted by Craig Cameron! and also was invited to be in the 2010 Tournament of Roses parade to showcase the haflinger breed. This mare truly is one of a kind, unlike any other, and priceless! 

Freya~ haflinger mare

Freya came to me a few years ago from a friend back east I had met through facebook. This mare has been an incredible asset to my beach riding and breeding program. She's got the gentle nature I strive for in the breed, and for crossing my gypsy stallions to. Everyone who has ridden her for my No Worries rides has enjoyed her and felt safe as well, even my own mom Debbie! 

Moonlit Terra **Rare Fell Pony** DOB: April 2009 (SOLD)

Terra is an incredible Fell pony mare who is as spicy as they come, but as safe as can be as well. She's a blast to race down the beach and blasting through the surf. she loves the water! she's a fabulous broodmare as well as riding mare. She's surefooted and will gladly go alone or with a group. She's a mare I'll never forget. I regret ever selling her as she is just being flipped after being gone for six months. I hope she lands in a great place or circles back to me someday. Her sale was a difficult one. 10yrs she was with me. Will no longer sell horses to people who board. You cannot have a proper bond with a horse when it's at a boarding facility. 

Mango, silver palomino tobiano Gypsy mare

Mango is a stunning gypsy mare by the famous Sir Keith! She's a solid 14.3hh, incredible mama and started under saddle doing very well. Not many quality silver palomino tobiano's out there. Just check this girl out! See her video here with her 2019 colt by our stallion Ruthar! 

^Mango and Serenity ^

Serenity our sabino gypsy/unicorn mare! 

Now this mare has a very special role in our program! Not only for breeding, but she's our most perfect unicorn! for parties and photoshoots, she's great with the kids! She's been going well under saddle as well and there's a great chance for the experienced rider to take her on a beach ride with our No Worries beach rides! Check out this gorgeous one of a kind mare! 

SD Fenix 2012 Drum mare

Fenix is our first and only current Drum mare (clyde x gypsy) by Silver Phoenix, she is one amazing mare! She's one of our main riding mares for our beach rides, good for anyone to ride, and also a fabulous broodmare. Shr produces incredible foals with the complete package of correct conformation, and stellar temperaments. Can't say enough good things about this amazing mare. She came to me when she was just a weanling. I knew I had to have her when I saw her sale ad. 

Desert Jewel Lottie

Lottie is an amazing bay tobiano gypsy mare, that originally came to me as a consignment horse to sell. after seeing how her and my nephew Mikey clicked so well, it became a team effort to make her part of our family. She's been an amazing mare for our breeding program, beach rides, and confidence builder for Mikey. 

Mikey and Lottie riding at the beach 

Zaianna morgan/percheron cross (SOLD)

This mare truly is remarkable. The best of this cross, a solid 15.2hh, stunning regal stance with the temperament of a puppy. Anyone can ride this mare and she's one of my main girls for my beach rides. Great for all sizes and ages of riders for my beach rides. Also a fantastic mama! 

Bambina, out of Kahlua and by Falcon

Bambina is a stunning smoky black gypsy mare that is on the larger side of 15hh! She just came to us fall 2018 in foal to Trade Secret, and gave us a gorgeous solid black colt aug 2019! she's not yet trained to ride but after this colt is weaned, she will be trained and used for our beach rides if she enjoys it

Mandarin Winter Suri

Suri just came to us in 2020 as a lease mare for breeding, possibly to buy in 2021. She is an incredible Traditional piebald mare that is a massive 15.3hh! she is being bred to my gypsy stallion Silver Shadow. Very excited to use this mare for breeding and riding in our beach rides! 

Tiazara, 2018 Gypsian 

Tiazara is definitely a special young mare! She's a stunning silver dapple tobiano gypsian mare. I just had to get her the day I saw her born! her face was just too hard to resist and the quality was not to be passed up. I don't regret a moment getting this amazing girl. She will be bred to Lord Xalvador when she is older for an F2 gypsian foal. She will be one to keep your eyes on! 

Lady Nadira

Lady Nadira is one unique mare! Bred and raised by Mystic Rose Realms, she has a huge following and has gone viral! Just see her page on facebook 'Life with Lady Nadira'

She is a bay leopard haflinger/gypsy cross out of Rosie (first mare listed here) by my gypsy stallion Hermit's Silver Shadow! Born in Feb. 2016...she's now under saddle and expecting her first foal by Ruthar late fall 2020. 

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