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Welcome to our stallion's page! Here you'll find some top quality boys available to approved mares! 
Please shoot us a message in the box at the bottom of the page to inquire about breeding to any of our boys. Or simply email mysticroserealms@gmail.com
They all have the temperaments I strive for in a stallion as well, being able to be handled by kids, ridden in groups with other horses and do parades. 

Become a member and receive a $10 discount on all stallion fees! Can be purchased on the Mystical Shopping page. 

                                                   Hermits Silver Shadow
                                                         Gypsy stallion

Silver is currently the only fewspot gypsy stallion in the USA! 

His DNA is EeAaLpLp

He stands 13.2hh and is negative for PSSM. 

NO LONGER STANDING TO THE PUBLIC. He will have foals available from us in the future. 

You can find many more pictures of Silver and his foals on his facebook page 


Photograph by Tamara Gooch
Hermit's Silver Shadow
Silver and some of his amazing foals
Gypsy horses at the horse Expo

                                                              Lord Xalvador
                                                            Gypsian Stallion

Lord Xalvador is by Hermits Silver Shadow out of a Friesian mare, Evangeline

He stands 15.1hh and is negative for hydrocephalus and dwarfism 

His fee is $1500 to approved mares.  

You can see many more pictures on his facebook page and foals album as well.  https://www.facebook.com/lordxalvador/

Lord Xalvador gypsian stallion
Ruthar and Xalvador
Lord Xalvador gypsian stallion

Pictures below taken by Sunset Hooves Photography, ridden by Lindsey Hester , In Morro Bay California

Xalvador photographed at Morro Bay
Photo by Sunset Hooves
Morro bay Xalvador by sunset hooves

                                                 Ruthar's Sunlight of Lexlin
                                                         Gypsy Stallion 

Ruthar is a top quality gypsy stallion by the famous Sundance Kid , out of Lightening of Lexlin

He stands a solid 14.2hh and is a smoky black, DNA being EECr 

His fee is $1200 to approved mares of any breed. 

You can see many more pictures of him and his foals on his facebook page also 


Stallions at play
Ruthar with Rebel headdress bridle
Ruthar at Morro bay
Ruthar gypsy stallion

                                                       Laurelhighland Topaz
                                                 Fell Pony up coming Stallion

Topaz is a stunning yet rare, top quality grey fell pony colt! His introductory fee for 2021 is $850 to fell mares and approved non fell mares. AI only 
Bred by Laurelhighland farms, he comes from incredible imported bloodlines and has an incredible temperament so far! will have to wait and see what testosterone does for him if he's worthy or not. 
His sire is Lunsdale Black Caviar who is by Lunsdale Warlord
Dam is Laurelhighland Sapphire.
He will be a fun one to watch mature and change with the grey gene! I call him my next unicorn in the making to fit into the program. 
TOpaz grey fell pony

Herrick Vulcan XIX rare imported Noriker 2020 colt!