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Jennifer Rose

Rebel Headdress makes the bridles on facebook. Also i have used High point farm and tack also on facebook. the horn attaches to any bridle. I just personally prefer the rebel headdress and high point farm and tack styles with the loop to make it more secure.

Nancy M Tiemann

Love the bridle with the horn! Do you have these bridles and know where to obtain? I saw the horns you make. Do they attach to this bridle? Lovely horses!


I have several now you're more than welcome to see, I also have a haflinger/gypsy filly for sale and will have a purebred gypsy foal due next month that will be available.

Chrissy Geisel

Hello jennifer, lovely website. We truly enjoyed our sunset beach ride with you, and one of the pictures is on my desk at work. Continued success doing what you love!

Barbara Starr Phimister

I just learned about the gypsy vanner breed just this evening and was wondering if there were any here on the central coast of California? We live in San Luis Obispo and would love to see one in person someday. I'm not in a position to buy at this time. I would love to come out and visit and see one up close. I love the brown and white spotted, with the white mane and the crystal blue eyes. Do you have any of those? Thanks for the information! Barb


I have to say I love everything about your website! We used to camp at Montana D'Oro - such a special place, miss it very much now that we no longer live in CA. I adore my 30-something year old Haflinger mare, and raise Appaloosa minis. I was on the web looking for a Gypsy cob to breed to my Shire mare, and saw Silver. I'd like to talk with you about him. please email or call me 931-691-9167

jill von ilten

NICE web site. I can't wait to see the future changes too. Looking forward to seeing those puppy pictures. Nothing is cutter than Ausie puppies! Great artwork fav's are the "please don't move" and giraffes. ; ) Beautiful horses. I am a Gypsy person, so I love the cross that you are doing.


How exciting to have a web page. This is great way to advertise. Keep up the good work....some day you will have to take care of me...LOL

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