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Peace with Serenity the Unicorn

Mystic Rose Realms

Promoting quality gypsy, gypsy crosses, haflingers, fell ponies, drums and Australian Shepherds

The only Gypsy Unicorn on the Central Coast!

Serenity is offered for hire for Birthday parties and events. We travel from Paso Robles to Santa Maria. 

Message us for pricing as price depends on the distance we have to haul!

Make for the most unique and amazing guest appearance at your party or event! How amazing would it be to have a real live unicorn come to your childs party! Or even any party or event! Everyone loves a unicorn and she is amazing on the inside and out! the most perfect unicorn you'll ever have the chance of meeting! Make your party memorable by hiring Serenity to come make an appearance! 

We also offer professional photo shoots with Sunset Hooves Photography ( header picture taken by Sunset) 

If you'd like a professional shoot with your child or family with Serenity, message us so we can connect you with our photographer for pricing and amazing package deals they offer! Can also find their page on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/SunsetHoovesPhotography/

You can also find many more pictures of Serenity on her facebook page here  https://www.facebook.com/serenitygypsy/ just make sure to message us through our website to  book a party or event as facebook is getting to restricting with anything animal related. 

We now have horns just like Serenity's you can purchase for your own horses! Check out our Mystical Shopping page to buy! 

Some party time with familes
photo by sunset hooves

                        Some amazing images by Sunset Hooves Photography 

photo by sunset hooves
photo by sunset hooves
Max haflinger stallion
photo by sunset hooves