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Back to oldschool website and blogging!

It's been a few days since I got released from 'facebook jail', I got thrown in for my horse ads and sharing pictures of Ruthar my gypsy stallion. Apprently even stallions are 'against community standards' for selling animals parts. Really facebook? it's semen, and it's a business, thank you PETA for your radical ways of thinking! 

Anyways getting the website back up and running, updated, and sharing like crazy to build up momentum since facebook is too censored and controling anymore. I've been self employed almost 7yrs now, and have literally built my entire business up on FB. being locked out for 30 days really affected my business' I couldn't respond to clients, book beach rides, unicorn parties or breedings. Also building up my Instagram and Twitter accounts as well (Mystic Rose Realms) in hopes to keep things rolling smoothly as they have been for so long. 

If Facebook keeps this up with the controlled censorship for all of us animal lovers, they will lose a lot of people. Another platform needs to take place, or just not use it. it's really sad since it's a fantastic way to spread the word on everything... for buyers to see the sellers and who they are selling their animals to, and to buyers , looking for reputable breeders in any species of animals. 

Well onto updating the site some more! Been spending a few hours daily updating it for the last week. Please join and share to keep the magic alive! This allows me to continue to share my beach rides with people, Serenity the Unicorn and so much more! 

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